I am broadly interested in the factors that promote or diminish happiness and well-being. My research program explores how constant connectivity to the Internet impacts people’s relationships and well-being and how we can harness technology to improve well-being and promote positive behavioral change.


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Nine articles on well-being and emotion published in prestigious outlets, such as

Psychological Science—the flagship journal of APS

Psychological Bulletin—one of the most highly cited journals in psychology (Impact Factor = 14.4)

Developing research program on the emotional effects of online activity

Recent paper in Computers in Human Behavior (Dec, 2014) is in the 99th percentile of published articles in this journal and in the 99th percentile of the 92,663 articles of similar age tracked by Altmetric across all fields (by number of social media shares and media coverage).

Contributor to prestigious popular press outlets

Invited to write for the New York Times: Stop checking email so frequently.

Commonly featured in prestigious media outlets

The Guardian, The Economist, Time, The Atlantic, New York Magazine, The New Republic, Huffington Post, Forbes, NPR, MSNBC, U.S. News & World Report, The Daily Mail, BBC

Expertise in advanced statistical methods

Structural Equation Modeling (SEM), Multilevel Linear Modeling (MLM), Multivariate Analysis, Factor Analysis, Cluster Analysis, Multiple Regression Analyses, Large-Scale Survey Analysis

Computer Science and Big Data Experience

Attended a European technical high school; major: Computer Science

Successfully collaborated with computer scientists to leverage urban big data in predicting optimal placement of bike-share station; paper submitted to UbiComp Conference, 2015


I have also received prestigious awards and distinctions, including the Vanier Graduate Scholarship, the Howard Webster Foundation Fellowship, and the Lacey Fellowship in Psychology.


In addition to working with distinguished scholars at UBC, including Elizabeth Dunn and Toni Schmader, I have collaborated with other prominent scholars on the science of well-being, including Sonya Lyubomirsky, Richard Lucas, and Kathleen Vohs.

Successful collaborations with industry

Misfit Wearables,CA, USA; Tangoo, BC, Canada

Community Service and Leadership

Throughout my academic career, I have maintained my passion to contribute to my community. I have served on multiple boards and organizations including being the President of the Green College Dining Society and President of the Graduate Student Committee at the Department of Psychology, UBC.


In my free time, I like travelling to novel and remote places. On one of my trips to Thailand in 2009, I attended an intensive 10-day meditation retreat, which kick-started my meditation practice. I also like to swim, bike, hike, dance, and spend time in nature.